pest problems in country living
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pest problems in country living

I knew that living in the country would come with a lot of changes, but I didn't realize how many pests I would have to deal with each day. Even the winter came with its own pest problems. My blog is all about the problematic pests that country living presents. You will find out what you can do to keep your home pest-free and how to eliminate the pests that have already moved into your home. Hopefully, my personal experiences can help you find the solutions to pest problems that you have and take back your home from the insects and rodents causing you troubles.

pest problems in country living

  • Why You Need Professional Termite Control Services

    5 April 2021

    Termites are a nightmare for any homeowner. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) reports that property owners spend more than 2 billion to treat termites every year. And the worst part about termites is that they enter your home unnoticed and can stay there undetected for an extended period.  Their colonies usually exist underground, so to eliminate these destructive pests, you have to get to the root source of infestation. This is why it's advisable to engage professional termite control services to rid your home of termites.

  • 4 Ways To Deal With Bats In Your Attic

    18 November 2020

    You don't want to have bats in your attic. Not only are they annoying, but they can also carry disease with them. They can leave behind urine, guano, and oils in your home. Attic spaces, with the darkness, temperature, and humidity, can provide a perfect home for bats. 1. Use a Bat Alarm Bats are sensitive to sound, which is why you can drive bats away from your home with a bat alarm.

  • When Should You Schedule A Termite Inspection?

    27 December 2019

    Most people are well aware that they should schedule a termite inspection if they notice the signs that termites are present, such as the actual pests themselves, the tunnels they create and damage to their wood. However, this is not the only reason why you may be in need of a termite inspection. Here are a few of the other reasons why you should schedule your termite inspection. You Are Buying or Selling a Home

  • How To Prepare For A Crawl Space Encapsulation Project

    26 July 2019

    Encapsulating a crawl space is always a good idea. You can't use a dehumidifier on a crawl space because more moisture will constantly enter the space to replace any moisture that you remove with a dehumidifier. However, you'll want to properly prepare your crawl space before you begin the process. Improper preparation can not only lead to bad results, but it can even be dangerous. DIY Crawl Space Encapsulation There are various companies that will encapsulate your crawl space for you.

  • Termite Control Can Protect Your Restaurant's Foundation

    28 June 2019

    Opening a new restaurant needs to go as smoothly as possible and without any outside interference. For example, you need to make sure that termites don't infest your foundation wood and cause serious structural damage. If they do, you need to contact a termite control expert ASAP to get the help that you need. Termites May Put Your Business at Risk Termites are a very persistent and problematic pest, for many businesses.